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I can't download the app, what should I do?

I downloaded the app but i can't open it, what should I do?

I updated the Turan, it doesn't open, what should I do?

Turan unexpectedly logged me out, I can't log back in. What do I should do?

Is Turan reliable? How do I know it's reliable?

Create an Account

In which currencies can I create an account?

I created an account but I can't log in. What should I do?

Who can open a Turan account?

Money Transfers

I had a problem with the application while top-up balance. I can't see the amount I added. What should I do?

I have top-up to my account, but I cannot see the balance. What should I do?

Can I deposit money 24/7?

What should I pay attention to when sending money from the bank to my Turan account?

When will I see my balance which I send from my bank account?

Can I deposit money into someone else's account?

About Turan Account

Do I pay a fee for a Turan account?

Can I close my account?

I entered some of my information incorrectly during registration. What do I have to do?

Why do I need to submit an Identity Number (TCKN) or a Foreign Identity Document Number (YKN)?

I forgot my password, I want to change it. How can I do this?

I can't complete the registration process because the verification code didn't arrive on my phone. What can I do?


I want to delete my account. Can I transfer the full amount on my balance?

Is my personal information safe?

How long will Turan keep my data?